Saturday, 16 November 2013

Is search engine optimization over?

With all the recent updates to the algos on google, you wouldn't be surprised if people stopped doing seo.. or even relying on search engine traffic completely.. and that right pretty much seo is dead and websites even if they are not even a spammer and have a good website are not on the search engines.. there are a number of reasons like negative seo.. or the steady accumulation of spam backlinks a website naturally get over time thanks to just being on the internet..(whois websites and scrapers) meaning no website unless a huge big brand with millions of links can survive... Thats the truth!

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is the process of making a site rank high in the serps as it otherwise would normally. There are many different approaches to search engine optimization including whitehat seo.. where you play by the search engine rules and blackhat seo where you dont play by the search engine rules and o everything you can to make your site rank. Unlike white hat seo with blackhat seo you have a higher chance of getting your website penalized or deindexed all together on the search engines that is why most webmasters opt to doing white hat seo to reduce the risk.. However there is still a risk of you losing your search engines ranking even if you do white hat seo if for example there is a negative seo attack on your website (when somebody spam your website like all over the internet) or the search engines think your site is spam even when it is not. Recently more and more white hat sites are being penalized by search engines because of these very reasons.... The only survivors at the moment are high pr websites with tons of links pointing to them. You have two different types of search engines optimization.. on and off page.. Off page is about what sites are linking to you and if they are good or bad and on page is about your own site whether the search engines think its spammy or not.